Mission Statement
As owner and operator of Laid Back Charter, it is my mission to make sure that everyone that
gets on my boat has a chance to experience fishing on the coast of Louisiana in a very special

I've only been a charter captain for a short time, but I've been fishing all of my life.  I was
taught by my father and uncle how to fish,  respecting  the water in which I fish.  I've been
coast to coast and fished many different locations along the way.  I can say without a doubt
that Louisiana has the best fishing in the United States.

I want everyone on my boat to have the opportunity to catch fish and enjoy the experience of
landing what ever may be on the end of the line.

I  call it Laid Back Charter,  because I am very laid back and never put pressure on myself or
my customers.  Fishing is fun and should always stay that way. I have always gotten as much
enjoyment out of watching people catch fish as catching them myself.

If you want a good time fishing the coast of Louisiana,   please call me and book a trip.  I will
always do my best to show you all that Louisiana has to offer in coastal fishing.  Let me show
you why Louisiana is called the Sportsman's Paradise.

                                                              Capt. Frank
Laid Back Charter
Inshore and Coastal Fishing